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Dr Rob Trigger consults as a General Practitioner at North Cost Medical Centre in Byron Bay.

He has a special interest in musculoskeletal medicine.


- medical assessment

often barriers to return to your desired sport or activity can be  complex. Spending time in making the right diagnosis, with comprehensive history, examination,  investigation, treatment and referral is the key to successful rehabilitation and return to full recovery

- core strengthening with  real time ultrasound is where you are able to see dynamically what muscles you are moving inside your own body. Real time ultrasound is a specific tool that uses harmless ultrasound waves to display an image which can viewed dynamically by both the doctor and patient to show how the core muscles in particular areas of the body are moving and being activated. 

Common and important core strength areas include the pelvic floor and the deep abdominal muscles although other areas can be examined such as the hip and back.

These visual cues can give a different set of skills and insight to learn to integrate and use these  their core muscles in daily use and in their desired physical activities.

Core activation can be integrated into a repertoire of  exercises using the Pilates equipment  which is available at the back of the practice 

- ultrasound guided soft tissue and joint injections   This may be  via a referral to a radiologist or sports physician or done himself  depending on the situation

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